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like maybe you re only creating a static title, you can easily shut it off by simply toggling the “Elastic” parameter, until the orange and green bars disappear. When you close out of Title Designer, you re given a prompt by TP4. You can simply hover your mouse over any one of them to get a preview of exactly what the template looks like. They are also deep and complex, allowing for very intricate motion graphics work. Simply head up to the “LIBRARY” tab at the top of the UI. Then, I hit a wall. Another area where Tiler Pro reduces the effort curve is in the rich preset animations and effects we provide. We ll start with Transitions. Create elegant titles or dynamic, 3D motion graphics in seconds with Titler Pro 5 s new still mode and preset animations. Let s say, for example, you used a template for a title. Discover built-in effects, transitions and animations for fresh looks and new ideas. This means you can create titles independently and then import them as .mov files into the timeline of your editing tool. First, as you start adding titles to your project, you re going to notice that the “Title List” starts populating. While Titler Pro 4 offers a lot of control over the objects themselves, there is also a large degree of control over the virtual camera, with adjustments such as wide angle effects, depth of field adjustment and so forth. Drag and drop new templates over your existing text.